Cash Flow Forecasting with TFM. Simplifying Complexity.

TFM is a Cloud-based solution for cash flow forecasting, identification of FX exposures and treasury reporting.

Clients about their experience with TFM

"Prior to TFM being implemented, our cash flow forecasting was performed using Excel. Due to the growing scale and complexity of our group, this was becoming increasingly intolerable, which is why we started looking for a professional solution that was nonetheless easy to use."

Gabriel Hirner / Birgit Jarz
Vice President Finance / Head of Treasury
AHT Cooling Systems GmbH


"The decisive factors for us were that the tool was easy to implement swiftly and provided our subsidiaries with online access without us having to provide any dedicated IT infrastructure. All of the components (servers and database) are available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud."

Dietmar Brunner
Head of Accounting & Controlling at Amann Girrbach AG


"TFM was implemented with-in just two months, although this obviously didn’t mean that we had to work non-stop on the implemen­tation for two whole months. We also received support from Treamo during the implementation phase, both in terms of training as well as in preparing reports, for instance."

Markus Roeth
Group Treasurer at KDK Automotive GmbH


Group-wide cash flow forecasting and treasury reporting with TFM

The innovative, Cloud-based solution TFM defines new benchmarks for group-wide cash flow forecasting and treasury reporting.

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Your benefits with TFM

Simple data administration and management

Enjoy a database in which all (historical) data are available at any time instead of relying on numerous spreadsheets. Modifications, e.g. to forecasting templates, are immediately available to all users.

From signing to launch
in just a few hours

Rather than being “installed”, TFM is made available in the Cloud within just a few hours of signing the service agreement. Master data can be imported in a few minutes via pre-configured interfaces.

Availability and
data security

The guaranteed availability level of TFM is 99.95%. Comprehensive back-up plans ensure that backed-up data are available if the worst comes to the worst.

Simple integration into your system landscape

Interfaces to ERP, TMS and other systems can be rapidly set up and also made available to group subsidiaries if required (account balances, cash flows, etc.).

More time for
data quality and analysis

Currency translations? Data aggregation at any level? Plausibility and data completeness checks? Reporting? Let TFM do all of this for you.


TFM comes complete with a full-service package including the appropriate IT infrastructure and without any IT maintenance work on your part. Let us take care of your concerns.

Want more free time?

A customer hits the nail on the head.

" ... For our group-wide cash flow forecasting we needed a solution which was simple and, first and foremost, possible to implement speedily. TFM was the perfect solution - rapid deployment in the Cloud, a user interface that is intuitive to use and many practical features which simplify our daily work. Regardless of where we were, my colleagues and I had access to all of the group's most important financial data. This is why TFM has had quickly become an indispensable management tool for us. ..."

Carsten Paris, former CEO of ICT Innovative Components Technologies

Costs? Pay-as-you-use.

The monthly service fees are based exclusively on the number of subsidiaries integrated into the reporting and not, for example, on the number of users.

Reports, analyses, ...

We want you, as the customer, to control TFM, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve opted to do without the integration of a complicated report generator.

Become independent, use standard Excel functions and design your reports yourself based on TFM data – it's child’s play.

Regardless of whether its lists, charts, classic dashboards or reports with integrated maps, you can work with data from TFM and don’t have to deal with a complex data model.

If you nonetheless need support, we will of course be more than happy to help.

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