About Us

Treamo GmbH was established by its managing director, Martin Sadleder, in early 2010.

At the time of founding the company, Martin had 16 years of experience in treasury consulting and developing tools and IT solutions for treasury, i.e. a web-based 'on-premise' solution for treasury reporting.

Driven by the possibilities offered by cloud computing as well as recent innovations that allow the design and implementation of user interfaces for web-based applications at least comparable to regular client/server applications, the idea was born to develop TFM.

Soon the first employees were hired and a team of software developers was put together. But would a cloud-based application be able to deal with millions of cash flows effectively and efficiently? A lot of testing had to be done to establish the necessary confidence level before we finally decided to 'go for it'.

Today, we are proud to present a product which contains everything that we are convinced will not only meet but exceed potential clients' needs - in terms of performance, security, user guidance, user friendliness and general design.