TFM / Weekly cash forecast –

TFM offers a new feature - cash flows can now be captured and presented also on a weekly basis. For reporting purposes, a nicely designed EXCEL export can be created at the press of a button, without having to use an expensive BI tool.

New Austrian client ... –

... supplier to the car and aircraft industry, has decided to use TFM for cash position reporting and cash flow forecasting.

Another German corporate ... –

... has decided to use TFM for their cash position reporting and cash flow forecasting.

Another new client ... –

We almost forgot due to the EMIRate frenzy. But another company, this time from Austria, has decided to use TFM for their group-wide cash reporting and cash flow forecasting.

A new client ... –

... went 'live' today with TFM (Cash Position & Cash Flow)

From TFM to EMIRate ... –

TFM will soon be joined by a sister application - EMIRate. EMIRate will support corporates in complying with the reporting requirements of EMIR. For the development of EMIRate we will be able to use substantial parts of TFM and its underlying infrastructure. This will allow us to be among the first providers of a ready-to-use and effective solution. More information will soon be available on and, of course, on

EXCEL vs. BI –

All TFM clients use EXCEL for the creation of reports. Why? Because EXCEL is easy to use and data exports from TFM are already perfectly structured for further analysis. This way, users can create even complex reports without expensive external support. Our mission, to put as much 'business intelligence' as possible into the app itself, has been successfully accomplished.

New client –

We welcome a new client from the automotive industry who will start using the TFM Cloud-App next week.

First TFM 'on premise'-client live! –

Yesterday, our first TFM 'on premise'-client went live. Two exciting days, a very promising start.

TFM 'on premise' - First client –

A first client (Switzerland-based) selected TFM 'on premise'. Our focus will still remain on the Cloud, but there now is an alternative for those companies that want to keep all data in-house.

gtnews TMS Buyer's Guide 2012 –

Even though it almost looks like a chess magazine - it's gtnews' TMS buyer's guide 2012

Information is Queen –

Cash might be King, but Information is Queen. And without the Queen, the King is of just little value. Time for TFM. See yourself.

Testimonial –

"For our group-wide cash flow forecasting we needed a solution which was simple and, first and foremost, possible to implement speedily. TFM was the perfect solution - rapid deployment in the Cloud, a user interface that is intuitive to use and many practical features which simplify our daily work. Regardless of where we are, my colleagues and I have access to all of the group's most important financial data. This is why TFM has quickly become an indispensible management tool for us."

And this is why we do, what we do.

TFM's interfaces, now configurable via user interface –

Want to import data? Master data, account balances, cash flows, exchange rates, ...? You can now do this via TFM's user interface, without holding a master's degree in computer science. It's a piece of cake. Like everything else in TFM.

Windows Azure Data Processing Agreement –

New Windows Azure Data Processing Agreement signed, granting improved privacy to European customers. For details click here.