We have defined a fair pricing model without initial payments, which usually exceed a treasury department's annual budget.

We have also defined a pricing model that fits all sizes of potential clients and we are sure we have found the right solution: As a client, you pay a monthly fee related to the number of entities involved in your group and the number of modules - that's it. Plain and simple.

Influencing factors

In terms of the price, the number of users is not an influencing factor at all. Just the opposite - we would like to encourage you to set up as many users as you want to have in the system without having to worry about additional costs. It doesn't matter if someone is maintaining the subsidiary's cash position during the absence of a colleague or if the CFO wants to be more independent by having direct access to data and reports - just add them as users. You will see that training is also not an issue - as long as you are not the system administrator (and even then), the use of TFM should be pretty much self-explanatory.

Service Price Calculator

Use the SPC to get a price indication by entering the number of entities (group subsidiaries) which will potentially use TFM and selecting the modules you intend to use. If you intend to use TFM for a total number of 30 or fewer entities, the price for 30 entities will apply. For 31 and more entities, prices will be calculated based on a progressive discount (up to 200 entities, for groups with more than 200 subsidiaries please ask for an individual quotation). The more entities use TFM, the more the service price per entity will be reduced. Prices indicated here cover the cost of the use of TFM, updates and general support, as well as use of the cloud-based infrastructure (server, database and disk space).

If you want to convert the amounts quoted in EUR into your home currency, please use OANDA's currency converter embedded on this site (decimal separator: '.').

Please note that all prices are quoted in EUR without VAT or any taxes that may apply in your country and are non-binding.

If you want to receive a binding quotation or require a price indication for a group with more than 200 subsidiaries, please contact us.

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