Features TFM - Getting started

Q: Which technical requirements have to be fulfilled before we can start using TFM?

A: TFM uses HTML5-technology which is used by common HTML5-ready web-browsers (e.g. MS-Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome). Since TFM is a web application, users of course need access to the Internet.

Q: Our group is rather small, with just ten subsidiaries - is TFM still a product we could use?

A: Absolutely. TFM was developed to meet the requirements of smaller to large corporates. It does not make any difference at all whether a group is small or large, as long as TFM provides what you expect in terms of your professional requirements. And, if your group grows in the future, TFM will grow with you.

Q: Our group consists of more than 500 subsidiaries and we need a lot of computing power due to the fact that within just a few years we will have to maintain hundreds of thousands of cash flows and balances - how can you guarantee sure that TFM will still provide excellent performance?

A: One of the major advantages of using the infrastructure at the heart of TFM is the possibility of having - if needed - access to essentially unlimited computing power and storage at comparatively low costs.

Q: Why did you opt for the Cloud instead of offering TFM as on-premise solution?

A: There are several reasons why we decided to offer a SaaS/Cloud solution - the most decisive factor was that TFM can be deployed within a few hours and clients can get started the day after having signed the contract. But there are a lot more aspects related to this issue such as maintenance and support, updates, etc.

Q: How long does it take to get started with TFM?

A: It all depends on whether all the master data necessary to get started are available or not - if yes, it just depends on the data volume and how quickly TFM can be populated with the data.

Q: Do you offer any support related to the import of master data for the initial population of TFM?

A: Yes. We can provide - if necessary - spreadsheets that can be used to collect data from subsidiaries or assist in collecting data online. We can also assist in importing the collected data into TFM and set up a turn-key application for our clients. All work related to the capture and import of master data is not covered by the indicative service prices published on tfm-now.com and is subject to individual agreements.

Q: We need to start using a system for cash flow forecasting but have no processes in place and no experience in this field - who could help us in preparing ourselves before we start using the system?

A: We can provide support and consulting based on 20 years of experience in this area. Implementing such processes is not rocket science but more a task requiring knowledge plus manpower. If we are - geographically - not close enough, we are sure that you can find support close to your location. We cooperate with several consulting firms around the world and can assist in establishing a contact. Furthermore, we encourage clients to exchange information and experiences directly with each other or to use the platform we provide for such (and other) purposes.

Q: We already use an application for treasury reporting and cash flow forecasting but would be interested in switching to TFM without losing all our historical data. Do you offer any data migration services?

A: Yes, as long as the application you currently use can provide data extracts in readable format. For some applications we might even offer standard migration tools.

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