About TFM

The philosophy behind...

TFM (Treamo Finance Monitor) is a Cloud-based (Microsoft Azure) 'Software-as-a-Service' (SaaS) solution for cash flow forecasting and cash position reporting. It is unique in many ways and has been built on 20 years' experience in treasury-related subjects. Not only by highly talented and skilled software experts but first and foremost by people who know what (end-)users require.

Our goal was to combine cutting-edge technology with a user interface setting new standards for such applications, outstanding performance comparable with your desktop computer's performance, and the highest level of security available.

We also wanted to develop a product that can be easily deployed and which clients could use immediately without extensive support from external consultants.

A further objective was to provide information available in the system in the form of lists and reports without having to use sophisticated BI tools or needing extensive knowledge of how to use them. Still, clients are of course welcome to use a BI tool - TFM provides support for OData which can be handled by most of the BI products available on the market.

See here how TFM can be optionally integrated in a treasury's system landscape, and what other helpful tools we have built around TFM.

Mission impossible?

We are convinced that we have not only met these objectives but exceeded all our - and hopefully your - high expectations. And we are also convinced that even though we have incorporated the latest technology, we have been able to put first things first: usability was always key during the entire development process and will be the main driver behind our efforts to maintain the degree of user friendliness we have achieved for those who will be working with TFM. It might take a few moments to become familiar with TFM's menu, but we are sure you will like it and so will the end users working in your group subsidiaries. What you see is all you need to see to do your work.

Cash flow forecasting is definitely not an exercise associated with lots of fun - but we are confident that TFM will at least help to reduce the amount of pain involved. TFM's unconventional, but more importantly, workflow-oriented menu might even raise a smile or two.

Modules and Features

TFM is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution only. Not because we want to limit our clients in any way, just the opposite: Your personal version of TFM can be deployed within minutes, you don't have to buy hardware, database licenses etc. - it's all included from the very first moment on.

Want to try TFM? Then you just have to apply for a test access and discover the world of TFM, either as a pre-configured test version including test data such as hundreds of thousands of cash flows, or a setup that you can individually define according to your real corporate world.

We will have to speak here about modules and features; every software vendor does this and we could not resist the temptation to do so as well. So, if you continue reading, you will get more detailed information below. If you are more interested in user stories and the respective responses from TFM, then please visit our Q&A section.

User Interface

Due to its innovative menu design, TFM offers the largest possible screen space to show what really matters - your data. Filters, usually blocking screen space to a large extent, elegantly slide to the side when ever you don't need to see them.

TFM provides an extremely flexible user interface based on HTML5 technology that most users will not have seen in web-based applications before. Drag and drop rows to change their order, group data by dragging table headers to the respective area - every user can arrange tables according to his or her needs, irrespective of the general settings implemented by e.g. Group Treasury.

Hyperlinks can be used to navigate through the application or to arrange data in a useful way according to the requirements of the tasks you perform. Undock windows if you want to bring certain data to the front. TFM adapts the BYO principle - build your own!

Static Data

Find static data-related subjects boring? We did as well. But then we decided to build a feature called 'Hierarchy Editor' (HE). And now we don't find this boring any more. HE helps users to build any kind of hierarchy (legal entities, counterparties, cash flow forecasting categories, etc.) by means of drag-and-drop and with the support of a graphical component. You won't really need to worry about the consistency of your group's structure (including freely definable business units and all kinds of groups of entities you have ever thought of), HE will do this for you.

Cash Position

TFM's cash position module provides all you need for your day-to-day work related to group-wide transparency regarding bank accounts, utilization of credit limits, guarantees, counterparty limits and counterparty risk, banking fees, etc.

Cash Position is highly configurable, whichever degree of detail the client wants, TFM delivers it.

Cash Flow Forecast

TFM's cash flow forecast module provides state-of-the-art data capturing, including features you do not even know from your spreadsheets. 'In-cell' calculations, comments that can be added to formulas, all of this is included and usable in an intuitive way.

Critical aspects such as performance are not an issue when you use TFM. Capturing flows and values can be done in real time without any delay, just like on your desktop computer. Analysis of mass data (even millions of cash flows in a hundred different currencies) can be done within just a few seconds - can your desktop computer match that?

The client decides which structure the forecast should have by setting up hierarchically arranged categories. Regardless of whether the forecast will be performed on a daily or monthly basis, and regardless of how many different currencies are involved, TFM adapts to the client's needs.

FX Exposure Management

Provided that your cash flow forecast is differentiated by currencies, TFM will deliver an overview of all foreign currency cash flows throughout the group. Depending on the level of TFM’s integration with other systems in treasury, existing hedge transactions can be amended or new transactions concluded, if necessary, fully automatically by means of integration with any trading platform.