Autumns starts with two new TFM clients –

We welcome to new TFM clients in Switzerland and Austria. Projects have already been kicked off and are underway. Both clients will be live soon.

TFM Exchange Promotion –

TFM Exchange Promotion until December 31, 2020! Bring your old cash flow forecasting spreadsheets or system and use TFM three months for free. Contactless implementation possible. Get rid of the headache, use TFM.

Free of charge TFM package for SMEs affected by COVID-19 –

Our free of charge TFM package for SMEs with annual revenues up to EUR 50m.

Use our professional Cloud-based solution for cash flow forecasting and cash reporting 100% free of charge until the end of the year 2020.

We have already set up the respective environment. All you need is an internet browser and an internet connection. Our team is looking forward to helping you with the setup. All tasks can be executed 'contactless' and remotely.



COVID / Corona Treasury First Aid package –

Our Corona First Aid package for you

  1. TFM, cash flow forecasting and cash reporting with our Cloud-based application – project start within 24 hours after assignment.
  2. Data analysis, scenario calculations, simulations. Preparation of solid decision base.
  3. Evaluation of your liquidity management – guidelines, reserves, strategies, hedging of liquidity requirements.
  4. Temporary support (preparation of cash flow forecasts, support of subsidiaries, …)

All these measures, even the implementation of TFM, can be executed 100% contactless.

TFM & Power BI –

A comprehensive and interactive TFM / Power BI report that you can play with:
Can your cash flow forecasting solution do that?

Successful start of a TFM implemetation project ... –

... in Western Austria. Smooth as usual, lots of, for the client, helpful findings during the setup phase. Just the way it should be.

Another TFM project kicked off this week –

This week we started another TFM project (cash position reporting, cash flow forecasting) with a client with subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

New clients ... –

What a great day today - One new TFM client, three new EMIRate clients (EMIR & FinfraG). We love the 'quiet' summer season.

TFM and how it can be embedded in a treasury's system landscape –

We have put together a short presentation that illustrates how TFM can be embedded in a treasury's system landscape - from 'stand alone' to complete integration with TMSs and trading platforms, accounting, etc. And we have built a couple of useful tools around TFM as well. Download

Clients about TFM –

We could tell you a lot about the benefits of using TFM, our Cloud-based solution for cash flow forecasting, managing your FX exposures and cash reporting. But we have clients that can do that even better: Link

How Microsoft Treasury uses Power BI –

We found an interesting article on how Microsoft Treasury uses Power BI, highlighting a couple of really impressive numbers and facts.

TFM and Power BI - Since seeing is believing ... –

Check out our interactive PowerBI sample reports for 'Cash Position & Accounts' ( and 'Cash Flow Forecast & FX Exposure' ( No software installation required, just click and see. And be surprised.

TFM TV - s05e05 - FX Exposure Visualization –

Our newest episode is online. See how easy it is to visualize cash flows, hedges and net exposures using TFM and Microsoft Power BI.

TFM and Microsoft Power BI - The Making Of –

Since seeing is believing, we recorded a video of the generation of a report based on TFM data.

The callenge: You want a report showing where (entities, regions) the cash tied up on non-pooled bank accounts is (compared with pooled accounts), by counterparty (bank) and bank group, all on an interactive map, indicating where to look first, also available on smart devices?

How long do you think does it take to create such a report?

Hours? Days?

2:20. Two minutes, twenty seconds.


See yourself. We recommend switching to full screen mode.

TFM and Microsoft Power BI - a powerful couple –

Microsoft Power BI is a fairly new product (as part of Office 365, free desktop version or mobile app). It has some truly amazing features and is as easy to use as TFM. Have a look here. Data analysis and visualization has never been easier.